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The Race-Keeper Twyford Stages Rally 2023 MDMC Statement

It is with great regret that Mid-Derbyshire Motor Club have to announce the cancellation of the stage event at Twyford Wood. This was scheduled to take place on July 23rd 2023.


The facts are that Twyford’s, mainly concrete, roads now come under the Forestry England Master Agreement. The 2022 event covered 65 competitive miles. A rough estimate suggests the cost to the club would be approaching £37,000 to £38,000. Forestry England have generously offered a 50% discount for 2023 with the full cost coming into effect from 2024. The 2022 event, generously sponsored by Race-keeper, had 37 entrants and 34 starters.


If we worked to a 45-car entry, it would mean entry fees in excess of £850 per car. The 50% reduction would still not make it viable, and these figures do not include any other expenditure. This would appear to be out of line with other similar single venues.

Mid-Derbyshire Motor club have run the event at a loss in some recent years. Sadly, it is not affordable to take the risk of running it at a such a loss in 2023 and, potentially, in subsequent years.

Alternative venue negotiations are taking place and Mid-Derbyshire Motor Club are exploring every option to run a Stage Rally later this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those competitors, marshals, officials and sponsors for their support over the last 35 years at Twyford.

Kind regards

The Team

1st Overall
Scott Renshaw/ Mick Jonson
2nd Overall
Andy Rowe/ Cat Lund
3rd Overall
Jonathan Lightbody/ Dane Chapman
1st Class 1
Paddy Homan/ Tom Homan
1st Class 2
James Crosland/ Corey Powell-Jones
1st Class 3
Richard Warne/ Chris Deal
1st Class 4
Peter Outram/ Mick Munday
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